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How to Apply for Study


Method of Application and Steps After:
1. Download the Application Form for the study.
2. Complete the form and submit with $45 USD initial application fees.

3. Receive your Admission Letter and pay your Course Fees.
4. Receive your Student's Login ID together with supporting documents.
5. Receive Lecture notes, write your exams or assignments, and thesis.
6. After completion, you'll receive a Certificate/Degree and Transcripts.
7. Receive your Graduate Portfolio/Degree Documents.
8. Join IICSE University Alumni. Congratulations!

Applying for study is easy and simple.

The prospective student must complete the Application Form and pay a one-time initial Application Processing fee of $45 USD or its equivalent.
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         You will receive your Admission Letter immediately after your completed
         Application Form is received and processed.

Application processing, admissions, and registrations for the new academic session are currently in progress. Click the button below to download the Application Form.

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