Legalisation / Authentication / Notarization

On several occasions, legalisation / stamp / authentication / notarization of the foreign degrees would be required in most countries. It is easy and simple to get this done. To do this, simply follow the instructions here:

      1.   First, get a color print out of your PDF Degree Certificate through a color Laser printer.
      2.   Then, make a photocopy of your printed Degree Certificate.
      3.   Go with this to any notary public or authorised department to get this certified
            (talk to a lawyer or a legal practitioner for directives, if need be).
      4.   Should they need to verify your Degree Certificate, they can verify it on our University
            website or by contacting our Registry Office via email to:

In recent times, a newly graduated student of IICSE University from THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON needed to legalize his Degree Certificate from his government. He printed-out the Degree Certificate and sent it to AMBASSADE DE LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN. They sent an email to our University Registrar to verify. Our Registrar replied and the Degree Certificate was legalised on that same day, as shown below:



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